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octaio provides a platform where dropshippers can avail products for the cheapest prices available in the UK.

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If you wish to start a dropshipping buisness, then you have come to the right place. If you check all the boxes below, you are ready to open an account with us.

  • If you reside in the UK and you wish to operate your business only in the UK operated territories. 
  • If you want your order delivered in the UK only.
  • You agree to our terms and conditions.

3 simple steps to start your dropshipping business

Open Account

Open a dropshipper account with us. upload any product from our site to your personal eCommerce store.

Place order

Once you get an order on your eCommerce store, come back to our site to place that order hasstle free.

We deliver your order

We will then deliver your order to your customer. 


octaio - Dropship Marketplace

The only marketplace which is made exclusively for dropshippers and is absolutely free to access.

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