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Wholesale Marketplace

We will soon be launching an online B2B platform in the UK. If you fall in any of the categories below, then you can fill out the form and register for free.

Wholesale sellers of nay sort
Retailers or Businesses who want to buy wholesale items

If you are a wholesaler, importer or manufacturer and you wish to broaden your portfolio of outlets making your product available for other sellers in the UK, then this is the perfect platform for you.

With ZERO costs you can open an account and start listing your products. You only get charged when you make a sale.

To understand whether this platform is a place where you can sell your products you would need to answer the following questions to get a better idea:

1) Do you hold large quantities of stock that you would like to sell in the UK?

If the answer is NO then sorry, this Platform is not for you to sell on and we wish you all the best in your field of business.

If YES, then read on…

2) Do you have a warehouse or storage facility?

If answer is YES, then that’s great as you can make your products available on our B2B platform.

3) As a Wholesaler, Importer or Manufacturer are you looking for retailers to buy your products? 

If YES, then this can be a very beneficial opportunity to help people find you on our online platform.

4) Do you have a distribution facility to post wholesale cartons or pallets? This is where you can book in a parcel/consignment, get it collected and posted to your customer when you make a sale?  

If YES, then you can offer wholesale cartons to retailers on our B2B Marketplace.  Where retailers who are already selling other products, want to expand their business or would like to diversify can start purchasing from you.

5) Do You have a pick & pack and postage service with daily collection, so that you can fulfil the single orders?

If the answer is yes, then congratulations you can offer a carton service to Retailers and a Dropship service to online sellers.


If you only have an existing facility to post cartons you would be more suited to offer your products to retailers.

Email : contact@octaio.com

Phone : 0125 449 0703

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